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Unimaginable Barista Oatmilk Vanilla

Unimaginable Barista Oatmilk Vanilla

Unimaginable Oatmilk - a barista-style dairy alternative, reimagined for optimum wellness. Crafted to froth like a dream and indulge simply as milk or a coffee creamer.

Powered by plant collagen blend & brain-boosting MCTs, ensuring every sip is a celebration of beauty from within.

Tastier than any milk alternative and kinder & more sustainable than dairy.

Taste: unsweetened with hint of vanilla

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Unlock the beauty from within in every sip. Our plant-based drinkable skincare solution packed with collagen-boosting tremella mushroom & vitamin E-rich tocos. Tremella mushroom and tocos' powerful vitamin E, work harmoniously together to help revitalize your skin, hair and joints from within. Experience the radiant glow & renewed vitality that comes from nourishing your body from the inside out.


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    Tremella Mushroom

  • Tremella mushrooms have been found to increase type 1 collagen & help maintain skin’s natural barrier and lock in your skin’s moisture.

  • Tocos (bio-available Vitamin E)

  • Tocos, short for tocotrienols, is a fat-soluble relative of Vitamin E. Tocos are a delicious superfood with a creamy texture that are known to hydrate connective tissue and skin.

  • Vegan free

  • Dairy Free

  • Naturally Gluten free

  • Nothing Artificial

  • No Cane Sugar

  • Peanut free

  • Soy Free

    Easy Prep. For a glass of milk

  • 1 - 3 Full TBSP of Unimaginable Oatmilk powder

    2 - Mix with 2-4oz of cold water, mix / froth until smooth

    3 - Add additional 4oz of cold water

  • For a coffee creamer

  • 1 - 1 Full tablespoon of Unimaginable Oatmilk

    2 - Add to a cup of coffee and froth/blend until smooth

    3 - Or add 3 FULL tablespoons of Unimaginable Oatmilk to 4oz of cold water, froth and enjoy as half & half

Compared to other oat milks and dairy

Our Lattes

Delicious, creamy taste

Functional collagen + brain fuel blend

No added seed oils

Brain-boosting MCTs

No sugar added


Other Lattes

Grainy, chalky


Added oils

No Brain Boosting MCTs

Added sugars

Daily moments of unimaginable mindfulness & beauty

Welcome to a realm where creamy indulgence meets unparalleled wellness. Unimaginable Oatmilk redefines the dairy alternative landscape, offering a barista-style oat milk that's crafted for a coffee aficionado. Whether you're perfecting your morning espresso or seeking a sublime coffee creamer alternative, or a perfect pairing for your cookie or a cereal — our oatmilk delivering that velvety texture and delicious taste you love.

It's not just an alternative; it's a whole new world of taste, wellness, and ethical indulgence waiting to be discovered.

Embrace the beauty of sustainable choices with our eco-friendly Unimaginable oat milk.

Crafted with ethical values at its core. Every sip is a step toward a more sustainable and cruelty-free world. We believe in the power of plant-based nourishment.

Plant milks require less land, less CO2 and water to produce. A powdered milk is more eco-friendly thanks to its longer shelf life, zero need for refrigeration & reduced carbon footprint during transportation. Our environmental initiatives extend further with our commitment to carbon offsets, facilitated by our collaboration with regenerative farmers to sequester carbon in the soil & planting trees.