our story

Our journey began in the midst of a challenging time when the world faced a severe mental health crisis, and something as simple as a coffee shop visit became a lost luxury. This disruption sparked an epiphany: the need to redefine what our daily coffee ritual could represent. Most of us don’t like mushroom coffee alternatives, expensive coffee shop prices, and adaptogens take a long time to work.
These were the norms that needed changing. The pandemic made it clear that traditional ‘café culture’ was no longer serving our needs effectively. The options available were not only unappealing to many but also costly—pushing me to think differently about how we consume our daily brew.

A decade ago, I was at the forefront of the gut health movement, long before it became a trend. Today, I see that focusing solely on gut health isn’t enough under the pressures of modern life. No one understands why we pay more for plant milks when it takes less effort to grow plants than animals, so saying ‘goodbye’ to coffee shop surcharges sounds like a good idea. Inspired by these insights, I delved deeper into the symbiotic relationship between our gut flora and mental health, recognizing that a stressed nervous system directly impacts gut function. To address this, I turned to a very powerful, yet not widely known ally: nervines. These botanicals are traditionally tucked away in the corners of apothecaries but are incredibly effective at soothing the nervous system. This led to the birth of our flagship product, the Unimaginable Latte, crafted to be become a daily ritual of nourishment and restoration, designed to enrich both body and mind.

Each Unimaginable Latte combines the calming power of nervines with the digestive support of prebiotics and a substantial fiber boost. We’ve packed 27% of the recommended daily fiber intake into each serving, directly addressing another common shortfall in the modern diet. Our lattes are designed to bring the comfort and community of a coffee shop into your home, making what used to be a guilty pleasure now a potent source of wellness.

At Unimaginable Foods, we’re committed to revolutionizing café culture by turning everyday coffee breaks into an opportunity for health and well-being. Our mission is to continue crafting beverages that aren’t just consumed but are an integral part of your wellness routine. Every sip is a step toward a healthier, more connected life.
Thank you for joining us on this journey. With every cup, we’re not just sipping lattes; we’re embracing a movement toward unimaginable health and vitality.


“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable”

-Mary Oliver