At Unimaginable, we use climate-resilient plants to create the health foods of the future.

That’s because we believe in a food system that doesn't ruin our planet. One where health, flavor and sustainability can come together as one.

Despite the challenges facing our world, we can still imagine a better tomorrow.

That's why we focus on future-proof, climate-resilient plants.

We want to shine a light on the fantastic pulses, legumes, seeds, and flowers that bring joy to our taste buds and strength to our ecosystems.

There are more than 30,000 edible plants on Earth, but only 12 of them make up over 90% of the humans diet. 

If that’s the best we can do, then we want to do the UNIMAGINABLE.

Take the humble chickpea. For so long considered little more than the raw stuff of hummus, it is a versatile, soil-enriching, water-conserving and organic source of plant protein and fiber.

From pulses to baobab, carob to sacha inchi; we want to elevate a variety of orphaned crops and super-powered plants that call this beautiful planet home.

We also believe in a diet that doesn't limit our bodies’ potential. We want our fellow dreamers to become just as resilient as our products.

We will only select the ingredients and craft recipes that are the very best for you and your gut. That means more nutrient-dense foodstuffs, and far less saturated fats, sugar, sodium and empty calories.

Together, we can make the future a healthier, tastier place.

Let’s do the unimaginable!