Founder'S Story

Unimaginable Foods was built on resilience, both personal and environmental. 

Our founder, Carina Ayden, faced years of adversity but refused to let this affect her pursuit of a better tomorrow. 

She discovered the link between a healthy gut and overall well-being early on in life. At the very young age she suffered an injury while ice-skating. A childhood punctured by hospital visits and surgical interventions, pushed her to discover the healing power of nutrition. Probiotics and holistic nutrition played an integral role in her post-op recoveries. 

In 2012, well ahead of the global gut health trend, she unveiled the first-ever Cleveland Clinic  - certified snack with live cultures onto the US market.

But the more she learned about the food industry and the gimmicky “health food” trends the more she questioned its archaic model and insular way of thinking. Creating nutrient-dense foods is important for our health, but both these nutrients and overall health are at the mercy of the environment. 

So Carina started to imagine a new way of thinking about health foods. One where the gut health and environmental sustainability could work together as one. The goal became future-proofing the food system with climate-resilient, orphaned crops, like pulses. 

Carina wanted to make traditional, staple snacks more nutritious and sustainable by replacing soil-degrading mono-crops with more nutrient-dense, environmentally friendly plants. 

In 2018, she unveiled the first-ever pulses-based Chickpea Granola Bites, packed full of functional superfoods and probiotics. And during the 2020 pandemic, she brought to the forefront herbal nervines—botanicals that can nourish the nervous system. Her ambition is to create snacks and beverages that are both incredibly nutritious and truly sustainable. 

At Unimaginable, we are environmentalists, animal rights activists, educators and, of course, foodies! 

Join Carina & our team in our journey.