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Unimaginable Latte Mix Matcha

Unimaginable Latte Mix Matcha

We reimagined your daily latte to elevate both your mental and digestive wellbeing. Brewed with 4X less sugar, 7X more fiber and powered with botanical nervines. Unimaginable Matcha is crafted with premium Japanese matcha green tea and is the ultimate energy drink minus the jitters. The smart pairing of botanicals creates a synergistic impact: nervine herbs provide a calming, nourishing effect, smoothing matcha’s caffeine peaks. Meanwhile, the adaptogenic properties of ginseng help with focus and promote sustained, long-lasting energy.

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Unlock Gut X Brain Connection in every sip

The Gut-Brain Axis is a two-way communication system between the gut & the brain, involving the enteric nervous system in the gut & the central nervous system in the brain.

The gut biome produces neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, influencing mood and behavior. An imbalance in gut can impact mental well-being, contributing to anxiety & depression.

Stress and other factors affecting the nervous system can influence gut function.

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    Nervines known to nourish & restore your nervous system

  • Passion flower is a nervine relaxant renowned for its calming effects making it an effective natural remedy for reducing anxiety, stress & promoting relaxation

  • Oat Straw is a nutritive nervine / nootropic with mild apoptogenic properties. This gentle restorative botanical is for those that are depleted & tired. It’s valued for its ability to nourish the nervous system.

  • Prebiotics & high fiber support gut biome

    & digestion

  • Prebiotics serve as fuel for beneficial bacteria, promoting their growth.

  • High fiber enhances bowel regularity.

  • Vegan free

  • Dairy Free

  • Naturally Gluten free

  • Nothing Artificial

  • No Cane Sugar

  • Peanut free

  • Soy Free

Easy Prep. Latte Brew in 7 seconds

1 - 3 Full TBSP of Unimaginable Mocha

2 - Mix with 2-4oz of hot or cold water & froth until smooth

3 - Add additional 4oz of hot or cold water


Our Lattes

Only $2.40 /cup

Supports digestion

Only 4g of sugar /cup

Brain-boosting MCTs

GUT x BRAIN optimization


Other Lattes

$4.50 - $6.50

No digestion support

9-18g sugar / cup

No Brain Boosting MCTs

No GUT x BRAIN optimization

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  • supports mood

  • gut flora

  • Brain Booster

  • Promotes Regularity

  • DESTRESS Nourish & restore



Elevate your daily ritual with Unimaginable Matcha - your daily companion for your senses, mood & wellbeing.

Ceremonial matcha green tea essence infused with vanilla in a creamy, plant-based blend. Brewed with botanical nervines, adaptogenic herbs, prebiotics & functional superfoods, it offers mood & energy-boosting benefits while supporting gut biome.

Energize with flavorful fusion of goodness in our functional matcha latte mix.


Unimaginable Matcha latte isn't just your energy fuel ritual. Its plant based organic oat milk and real coconut creamer are kinder & more sustainable than dairy: requires less land, less CO2 and water to produce.

A powdered latte is more eco-friendly thanks to its longer shelf life and reduced carbon footprint during transportation. Our environmental initiatives extend further to carbon offsets, facilitated by our collaboration with regenerative farmers to sequester carbon in the soil and planting trees.