“The Unimaginable Way” with the Founder Carina Ayden

“The Unimaginable Way” with the Founder Carina Ayden

Why are most snacks so ‘nutritionally one-sided’?


As a Founder of a wellness and sustainable food company like Unimaginable, my focus is on providing truly nutritionally balanced foods with many wellness benefits. But as a consumer, I navigate the land of marketing gimmicks every day. 

Have you ever wondered why the ‘high protein’ or ‘high fiber’ snack is marketed as a “healthier” option but still might have all the hidden junk like: sugar, bad fats and sodium?


I discovered the link between a healthy gut and overall well-being early on in life. At a very young age I suffered a spine injury while ice-skating. A childhood punctured by hospital visits and surgical interventions led me to discover the healing power of balanced, holistic nutrition. Prebiotics and probiotics also played an integral role in my post-op recoveries, boosting my immunity and supporting my digestion.


The more I learned about the unsustainable food industry and the gimmicky “health” trends the more I questioned its archaic model and insular way of thinking.


While the industry is chasing fast profits and many brands are about the “hype and marketing tactics” I imagined a better way of thinking about health:

“The Unimaginable way” — is where holistic nutrition, gut health and environmental sustainability could work together as one.


Creating nutrient-dense foods is important for our health, but both these nutrients and overall health are at the mercy of the environment


So the goal became future-proofing everyone’s favorite staples like granola snacks and lattes with climate-resilient plants, like pulses.


— Carina Ayden, Founder & CEO 


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