Health benefits of superior nutrition. Less sugar, less fat, less sodium and more of the good stuff.

Nutrition 1:1

We are in this for all the different reasons.

Sometimes you can slap a few ingredients together and make a great tasting product. This is what so many food brands did, do and hopefully won’t be doing in the nearest future. But if you care about your health, you start to dig much deeper and ask questions.

• do I need all this salt?
• do I need so much sugar?
• why is there so much saturated fat?

The answers to these questions should always always be “NO”.

Then you start figuring out how to make the same delicious thing you’ve been eating and enjoying for so many years but WITHOUT things that are bad for you.

That’s when the real challenge begins… no one wants unsalted, not sweet and bland snacks. Snacks supposed to satisfy the taste buds.. 

Then you realize you can’t make the same delicious products without all that fat you used to have….

That’s why it took us over a year to finalize our research and development phase.. (it really did take that long😅)

When you taste Unimaginable Granola Bites - you ‘taste’ our effort to make traditional granola more nutritious. Period. Done. 

In the world today - gimmicks, powered by $$$$ sell. we don’t know much about gimmicks and are not so good about marketing. But we are really good at crafting nutritionally sound and balanced deliciousness. 

because we are in this for all the different reasons… 

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