Soil 1:1

Soil 1:1

No soil. No food. Simple.

Soil is a non-renewable resource, yet the most important resource. It makes everything we eat. We lose top soil faster than we replenish it. There are multiple factors that contribute to this:

• carbon loss

• acidification

• salinization 

• erosion

• contamination

• droughts

One-third of the world's soils are now deemed degraded.

Pulsesare environmentally resilient crops. United Nations called them “architects of soil health” because of their unique biological properties. 

1. pulses fix nitrogen (it means they don’t need to rely on synthetic fertilizers)

2. foster soil carbon sequestration

3. clean water filtration

4. grow in drought-prone environments (because of their unique root system) 


At Unimaginable, we innovate traditional snacks through the novel use of ingredients. We “stole” chickpeas from hummus and brought them to granola to future-proof everyone’s favorite breakfast staple. In addition to chickpeas, we use pea protein so together, they push out soil-depleting mono-crops from the snacks we al love. 


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