Healthier Crops For the People and the Planet

Healthier Crops For the People and the Planet

We are feeling the pulse. 

PULSES are the healthiest crops for both: people and the planet. 

What are pulses? Pulses are the dry edible seeds of the legume family plants. At Unimaginable, we are obsessed with chickpeas for their versatility: neutral flavor makes it easy to innovate products (yes, like traditional granola) without sacrificing the taste. 

Most people are already familiar with pulses. They use them in their daily recipes and dishes. Pulses are not only chickpeas, it's also peas, lentils, and beans.  

What makes pulses so healthy for people?

They are nutrient-dense source of plant protein and fiber. They also have complex carbs (slow digesting prebiotics) that are very good for gut health.

What makes pulses healthy for the planet?

By 2050 the population will reach 9.8 Billion people. The planet never had to sustain so many humans. What does it mean for our global food system? It means that the pressure on producing more food will significantly increase.

Dietary patterns like plant-based foods contribute to a more efficient and sustainable food system.

Less is more.

Pulses use less land, less water, less fertilizers, less greenhouse emissions. 

Reduction in food waste.

Most pulses are shelf-stable and do not require refrigeration. They can be stored at the room temperature. Compared to fresh produce (vegetables, fruits) or meat, pulses can alleviate consumer food waste. According to Food & Agriculture Organization by United Nations (FAO) report, pulses' contribution to the global food waste is very low. 

Incorporating pulses into your daily diet by swapping peas, bean or chickpeas with animal protein, everyone can support a more resilient food system. 

More power to you!




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