Holidays Without Animals

Holidays Without Animals

During holiday season it might seem difficult to keep animals off the plates. The long lasting traditions put animal-based meals at the heart of every holiday meal. Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey as a center piece? No turkey leftovers for the next day? No thanks!


But wait…


There are vegan meat roasts by companies like Gardein or Tofurky! These plant-based roasts make amazing leftovers, too😅


The question “do we need to slaughter billions of animals for our holiday meal?” may sound more philosophical and lack urgency for many flexitarians. While pundits argue about sustainable and health benefits of plant-based meals for the next few decades, we can enjoy some delicious vegan holidays feasts!  

(We just hope the argument won’t last till there are no more rainforests left because, well, cows need to eat, too.) 

Everything we know about humans now is that change is never accepted right away. Change for the sake of compassion is a mere joke, apparently.




What happens when we don’t have to change anything especially our traditions around the food? When we don’t have to sacrifice anything?


Vegan meat in 2022 is delicious. Vegan roasts are free from hormones, cholesterol and all that other disgusting stuff. You can have your traditions, just substitute an ingredient or two and voila — cruelty-free same delicious holiday meal. 




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