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Chickpea Granola Bites
Tropical Cashew

Climate-friendly & nutrient-dense granola bites + functional prebiotics & plant fiber. Cashews, roasted chickpeas with mango soaked in guava purée bring summer vibes anywhere you go!

Price: $9.00

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Taste tradition - Eat Innovation

We want people to enjoy the foods they grew up loving so much and we’re on a mission to make them more sustainable and nutritious. So we replaced soil degrading mono-cultures, like wheat and soy, and water hungry crops with more sustainable plants like pulses (chickpeas). By replacing nutrient-depleted and unsustainable crops with climate-resilient plants, we can help future-proof our food system and our health.

Enjoy functional benefits of transformative ingredients

meet the superstars:

Product - Benefits

Plant fiber

Product - Benefits


Bye, bye, plastic pouch!

99% of all granola products are packed in cheap plastic pouches that are sourced from fossil fuels. We are thrilled to use a 100% compostable & recyclable box, made from 60% of post-consumer plant materials. The remaining 40% is made from renewable materials and sourced from sustainably managed forests that grow back naturally. We walked the ‘extra mile’ to make the most delicious and nutritious product, so we decided to pay a premium for our packaging and not contribute to plastic pollution.

Meet BETTER alternatives to traditional granola
Product Img Our granola
Other Product Img The "other" Granola

Up to 4x less sat, fat (1g-3g)*

~ 4.6g saturated fat

Up to 8x less total sugar (1g-4g)

~ 8g sugar

Up to 3x more fiber (2g-6g)

~ 2g fiber

100% plant-based (no honey, no whey)

Animal-based sweeteners

As low as 3g net carbs

~ 14 net carbs

+ diabetic-friendly*

diabetic friendly

+ probiotics + prebiotics

+ probiotics - prebiotics

+ superfoods + plant fiber

- superfoods - plant fiber

*Based on a 30g serving size of an average granola

*saturated fat compared to an average grain-free granola

^ Diabetic-friendly flavors: Cheerful Cherry, Tropical Cashew, Dreamy Caramel

We make our foods with non-gmo, whole food & organic ingredients. No fillers. No stevia. 100% vegan.

*Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, *Chicory Root Fiber (prebiotic), Coconut Oil, *Chickpea Flour, *Coconut, *Cashews, *Roasted Chickpeas, *Apple Sauce, Dried Mangoes, Guava Puree, Hemp Seeds, *Vanilla Extract, Monk Fruit Extract, Salt *Organic

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One-of-a-kind granola OPTIMAL NUTRITION, SUSTAINABILITY & WELLNESS BENEFITS can now fit in one spoon

Seem UNIMAGINABLE? That’s because it is.

• gut wellness

• diabetic-friendly

• plant fiber

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Traditional breakfast staple is NOW CLIMATE-FRIENDLY

• our granola bites made with climate-resilient ingredients

• this product uses less water than any other granola

• we use soil healthy chickpeas that have the lowest carbon footprint

• our boxes are 100% compostable & recyclable

• we plant trees to offset our shipments

• we pay farmers to put carbon back into soil

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